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"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress;

Dress impeccably and they remember

the woman."

-Coco Chanel

“When you feel good, you do good”.

-Sarah Fishman, Founder


Beginning at the age of 7, I would meet my very fashionable and cultured grandmother for lunch dates at a fancy department store. Over a burger and chocolate shake we'd talk about fashion design, fabrics, timeless styles. Then it was up to the women's department to pay homage to a chic pantsuit or well cut dress and there, my deep passion for fashion was born.

I was 11 when I started my first fashion business decorating sweatsuits and canvas sneakers with puffy paint, selling my services on occasion at Nordstrom. In high school and college I worked at big retail stores for the discount. After a summer internship in the buying offices at Macy's, I landed my first job out of college as an assistant buyer in San Francisco. I soon discovered that there was nothing glamorous about corporate retail and pursued a different career path. Over time, however, I missed working with clients and dressing women for success. I went back to Nordstrom as a Personal Stylist and started a personal styling business on the side.

Now with the ability to utilize social media platforms and virtual

appointments to reach tons of women in search of fashion guidance,

I have found my niche and look forward to working with you!


While I wholeheartedly believe in health and wellness from the inside out,

I also know that how you present yourself on the outside can, in fact,

improve your confidence, organization and productivity in life. I will

help you create some easy-to-follow, customized rules for elevating your

personal style based on your life needs, body shape and approach to fashion.

I will also teach you my Three Piece Suit approach which provides a simple

and chic foundation for upgrading an outfit from boring to brilliant!



Wardrobe consultation

includes streamlining your current

wardrobe, re-organizing your

closet and putting new looks together

with your own clothing* Requires a

10 minute virtual introductory meeting

prior to booking the in person


2 hour minimum, $300

each addl hour, $125

*Los angeles residents only

virtual styling session

Includes streamlining your wardrobe

for the current Season, putting new looks

together with your existing clothing, creating

a shopping list for you to purchase missing

pieces and an electronic copy of styling tips

based on your style, lifestyle and body shape.

2 hour minimum, $300

each addl hour, $125

virtual personal shopping

Includes a quick closet consultation

and discussion about your style needs

and what's missing from your wardrobe.

I will then send links to items that you

can purchase to complete the looks

we've created. 60 mins.


*please email to schedule

work with me